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Many heterosexuals are convinced that there is a Gay Lobby capable of influencing economics and politics.
Pride & More is a project that believes in the possibilities of a possible LGBT + Lobby. We believe, however, that more should be done (& MORE) if we really want to influence the economic society towards full integration.
Our user lives in the world as a single subject, freely manifesting his being (where laws do not prohibit it) but he is also above all aware of being a consumer, a worker, a family unit who wants to harmonize his being with the environment in which it is immersed.
Too often in the world this process needs to be encouraged. We believe that the best way to accompany this development is to be significant as a community. We can be significant politically and / or economically. We choose the second by recognizing possible interlocutors in political exponents of different political directions (some more and some less).
Below you will find some possibilities to support Pride & More, pushing us to do more and more.
We thank you in advance if you want to join one of the following possibilities.
Stronger Togheter!


FREE support subscribing to our NEWSLETTER

The first option that we offer is completely free: Sign up for our newsletter!
This is the most important help for us. First of all because it allows us to keep in touch with you and to inform you about all the news and / or campaigns; secondly, because the more members we have, the more we will be able to obtain advantages for everyone and we will be able to reach more significant interlocutors to obtain results that influence something.
Always remember that we will never give your email address to third parties, you will certainly also receive commercial information because we are a community of LGBTQ + consumers oriented to support inclusive companies, but we will always send them if we believe the information is of some use.


Free donation

Pride & More has decided to ask for your help to better organize an international editorial staff, which can be present in multiple countries and which can provide you with better content.
All proceeds will be used only for this purpose. We will publish the report annually on the website. If the amount raised exceeds what is necessary, the extra amount will be donated to LGBTQ + benefit projects.

LGBTQ+ consumers community

Pride & More will offer you some LGBT inclusive companies, in specific sections of the site or with advertising banners, We ask that these companies respect certain protocols for their employees and that they consider our community as an identity that needs product and communication needs marketing.
They are companies and think for profit. We don’t care how much they do it for convenience, the important thing is that more and more jobs are inclusive and that visibility is recognized to our community.
As with all advertisements, Pride & More has a small economic return on transactions, but it costs nothing to you consumers, simply, if you want, you can be careful when choosing a product, and testify your sense of belonging during your daily life, going further to the spirit we manifest in Gay Pride.


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