Which could be the first gay friendly company on our list?

Doing some computer research, we have got the first surprise: The inclusive LGBT companies are not few! Good!

A name stood out in every search, it was in every search, it was the tool of every search: Google

Google has started participating in gay pride around the world since 2006: San Francisco, New York, Madrid, Dublin.

Google has been able to create the right integrative environment, attracting the best minds of the LGBT community.

There is also the term Gayglers, used to indicate all LGBT employees in company.

Over time, Google has increased opportunities to support gay friendly events and initiatives.

The position against Proposition 8 was much appreciated

Google is a member of many organizations that recognize the value of a highly integrated policy, in the interests of companies

It is good that such important companies feel the responsibility of making this world a better place.

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