Many members of the LGBT + community still experience unpleasant work situations. In an ideal world this should not happen.

Many LGBT workers do not feel free to come out.

Sometimes we ourselves do not want to talk about our private lives but do we feel happy to share this part of our lives?


When we do not talk about ourselves because we want to hide, the fear of being discovered damages our professional performance.

We are afraid of being treated less favorably, being disadvantaged or being offended and derided.

We have this fear because it often happens. When it happens, in most cases, we do not report the fact.


Pride and More wants to try to do its part. We must monitor these incidents and inform the community. The united community has the role of watching and reacting when this happens. Pride and More is working to make this platform a tool for LGBT consumers.

Our purchasing power is so great that even the most obtuse entrepreneur will be pushed to reason.

Two things will always be fundamental for our community: empathy and unity. Without these 2 ingredients there is no gay power or pink money

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