The Vatican seen as a large gay community. In the explosive book “In the Closet of the Vatican”, the author Frederic Martel tells a hidden gay culture and declares the hypocrisy of Catholic bishops and cardinals who publicly denounce homosexuality with a double private life.

What is particularly remarkable is the level of access reached by the writer. Questo alto livello di credibilità non avrebbe potuto essere raggiunto da un osservatore occasionale in Vaticano.

Martel says that the doors were opened by an important member of the Vatican and a friend of Pope Francis, who was the object of the famous observation of the pontiff on gay priests, “Who am I to judge?”

In an interview in a hotel in Paris on Friday, Martel said it was easier for him, as a gay foreigner, to gain the confidence of who was in the Vatican than it would have been for an Italian journalist or a Vatican expert.

Overall, Martel claims to have conducted nearly 1,500 in-person interviews with about 150 high-ranking individuals within the Roman Catholic Church.

The Vatican has not yet issued a statement in response to the book or a denial.

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